Updating contracts of employment

It covers things like hours of work, rates of pay and holidays. It is legally binding, which means if one party doesn’t do what they’ve agreed to, the other party can enforce the agreement through the Employment Relations Authority.

All employment agreements must include certain mandatory clauses and must provide the minimum employment rights for employees.

As the UK has to give two years’ notice that it is leaving the EU then it is unlikely that anything will happen immediately.

It is very common for employers to ask their new employees to sign a ‘common law’ employment contract, even where some of the terms of the employment relationship may also be covered by an award or an enterprise agreement.The common law employment agreement provides a written record of terms and conditions of employment agreed with your employer but cannot be used by the employer to ‘contract out’ of coverage by an enterprise agreement, an award or legislation which governs the employment such as the National Employment Standards contained in the Fair Work Act 2009 (‘FW Act’).Once made the terms of the agreement can only be varied if both you and your employer agree.Applications for Assistant and Support positions can be sent to: Human Resources Horizon School Division No.67 6302 – 56 Street Taber, AB T1G 1Z9 Ph: 403-223-3547 Ext.An employer’s ban on staff wearing religious, political or philosophical symbols while on duty (in this instance an Islamic headscarf) was not direct discrimination.


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