Dating personality conflicts online dating the technology behind the attraction

That tactic caused me to carry my silent protestations far beyond our meetings.

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She often spoke with such authority and conviction that it left no room for disagreement.

Thinkers are logical and practical, and they formulate their thoughts based on facts and reason, regardless of whether their decisions or thoughts seem unrealistic to others.

Feelers are subjective individuals, using their beliefs and values as a basis of making decisions or formulating ideas, and make sure that they are taking others’ feelings into consideration to keep a happy equilibrium between them and their peers.

This different way of seeing the world can tip Thinking/Feeling Personality Type couples either one way or the other.

More often than not, individuals with similarities in the Decision-Making Preference will tend to enter friendships or work camaraderie’s more quickly or more easily than two individuals of differing preferences.


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