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The chatbot not only works as a personal financial advisor but also brings to the forefront the universal need for life insurance.

Talking about the need for this platform, Mr Suresh Badami, CDO - HDFC Life, said "Many of us in our country, particularly the millennials, are under insured and need a simple platform to access relevant information about insurance.

This walkthrough will guide you through the process of developing your own chatbot for Messenger from scratch — no convenience libraries or bot building platforms.

From the 100/100 score given by a wine critic at a given point in time, we will move to a multi-dimensional 100/100 score, thanks to the new chat method.On the contrary, technology will humanize and personalize the winebot’s advice.It will help you choose your wine by taking into consideration 1) its skills, 2) your expressed wishes, and 3) the opinions of friends that you trust.After the man whose recommendations were closely followed by professional buyers, wine lovers, and collectors, comes the era of a source of recommendations that will be followed by vast numbers of consumers all over the world. It won’t be human in the strict sense of the word; it will be a conversational platform…or Chatbot.The most influential expert – the winebot, the chatbot of wine – will be neither Man nor Woman, yet it won’t dehumanize wine reviewing.This chatbot aims to assist the customers with insurance advice - ranging from Health to Tax Planning & Retirement, based on a simple 60-second quiz which enables it to compute their Insurance Quotient.


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