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When modifying records by directly setting or changing the properties no validation happens, which is a problem when accepting form data.The following sections will demonstrate how to efficiently convert form data into entities so that they can be validated and saved.Imagine you are tracking all vacant or abandoned buildings in Chicago, each of which was identified by a service request on a specific date.The table has data through March of 2011 and now you want to add in April's data.You can convert a single entity using: When the above data is converted into entities, you will have 4 tags.The first two will be new objects, and the second two will be references to existing records.

If you want to run an update query in an Access Web database, you must first open the database by using Access. If you are using an Access web app, you can use data macros to update or change existing data in a set of records.

Here are two tips, depending on what form the updates take: a bunch of new rows, or updates scattered throughout the rows.

It's easy to bring additional rows into an existing Fusion Table using File Import more rows.

Applications will usually have a couple of ways in which data is saved.

The first one is obviously through web forms and the other is by directly generating or changing data in the code to be sent to the database.


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