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King William also created the earldoms of Carrick and Lennox, in 1192 and [1210] respectively.The Douglas family came to prominence in the mid-14th century, and King David II created the earldom of Douglas in 1358. The earldom of Ross was first created in 1162 by Malcolm IV King of Scotland in favour of Floris III Count of Holland who had married his sister, but withdrawn from him.[Editor's note - This article - without photographs and genealogies - appears in issues 38/4, 39/1 and 39/2 of The Blackcountryman.This work is very thorough, but there are questions asked and someone may disagree with some of John's research.Self catering cottages in: England - Scotland - Wales History of Britain - the full text of the 1912 book English Culture What makes England so ... From hedgerows to the history of tea, pastimes to traditional crafts.British Battles British Biography Our look at the lives of famous people in art, architecture, science, and literature.Her marriage date is estimated assuming that it is correct that her husband was imprisoned from 1134, before which his two children must have been born.The Gernet family came to England at the time of the Conquest, or soon thereafter, probably in the train of Roger de Poitou, the third son of Roger de Montgomery, the Earl of Arundel and Shrewsbury. Roger de Poitou's younger brother had accompanied Duke Robert on this crusade and died in the Holy Land.

The Fens - also known as the Fenland(s), are a naturally marshy region in eastern England.

If that is the case please contact me and I will pass your comments to John.

John and I hope you enjoy this work and that it makes the link the title suggests] Several Shakespearian biographers have speculated that of all the avenues left open to us to progress our understanding of the Poet himself, discovering more of those he knew or was associated with during his life may prove the most fruitful and, of course, much has been done in this regard already, upon which I have drawn heavily.

As a small contribution to this effort, I have examined one such avenue which, as it developed, broadened to illustrate the intricate structure of the society within which the last of Shakespeare's direct descendants must have moved and been familiar.

The starting point for my research was an effort to cast light on a man who was made known to us by his appearance as her executor in the will of Shakespeare's granddaughter, Lady or Dame Elizabeth Bernard.


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