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Laine was a regular on the BBC satire Famed singer and stage actress Cleo Laine was born Clementina Dinah Campbell on October 28, 1927, in Southall, Middlesex, England.

Born to a Jamaican father and an English mother, Laine began taking vocal and dance lessons as a teenager, and dropped out of school at the age of 14 to begin her quest to find a singing career.

She was portrayed by Megan Nicole in the You Tube video of the Monster High special song "Digital Monsters, We are Proud".

Cleo was a princess of Egypt over 5,800 years ago and raised to a wealthy royal household, young and happy.

She went on to attend Mellow Lane Senior School in Hayes It was not until 1953, when she was 26 and applying for a passport for a forthcoming tour of Germany, that Laine found out her real birth name, due to her parents not being married at the time and her mother registering her under her own name.I don’t know if he’s truly a Sherlock but I do know I’m defo not going to be this creepy guy’s Watson.” – Liu Kai Ying, Editorial Assistant “I was travelling recently and turned on Tinder, matched with a seemingly decent enough dude but I honestly didn’t have much time to meet anyone as it was the tail end of my trip.Said dude sent me a video of him playing his guitar and serenading me, and when I didn’t respond started messaging me every 15 minutes.Laine did not take up singing professionally until her mid-twenties.She auditioned successfully, at the age of 24, for John Dankworth's small group, the Dankworth Seven, and later his orchestra, with which she performed until 1958.To make matters worse, he was very adamant about meeting and because I thought he was too stalkerish, I deleted and blocked him from Whats App.


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