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Arthur is a happy drunk with no pretensions at any ambition.He is also the heir to a vast fortune which he is told will only be his if he marries Susan. See full summary ยป Forty-two year old famed composer/playwright George Webber is going through a midlife crisis.A self-described "non-musician", Eno has helped to introduce a variety of unique conceptual approaches and recording techniques into contemporary music, advocating a methodology of "theory over practice" throughout his career.Born in Suffolk, Eno studied painting and experimental music at art school in the late 1960s before joining glam rock group Roxy Music as synthesizer player in 1971.9/11 The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories Is Anything Being Covered up about the Apollo Moon Landings?Some Apollo Mission Anomalies Possibilities regarding the Apollo anomalies The Nature of the Moon Landings Debate I was born in 1958, and had a fairly typical middle class suburban American childhood (fan of Gilligan's Island and Star Trek).He is seriously dating thirty-eight year old actress/singer Samantha Taylor, who he loves, although he admits their connection is more intellectual than it is emotional.

His entire career was spent working for the federal government, and all but one year was spent working for the Department of Defense.

Charles Lucas (1713-1771) (ii) older brother, Thomas (d.1730), heads the line leading to William Blood (1720-1791) (WB), Old Will of Roxton, High Sheriff in 1750 (iii) Colonel William Blood (1749-1784) (Col WB), son of WB is Young Will of Roxton, High Sheriff in 1774 (iv) Bindon Blood (1775-1855) - son of Col WB, grandson of WB - a.k.a.

The Vampire, High Sheriff (1819), thrice married, fathering 16 children (v) Thomas Blood (1777-1850) - son of Lt.

After recording two albums with the band, he departed in 1973 to record a number of solo albums, contributing to and ultimately coining the concept of ambient music with works such as Another Green World (1975), Discreet Music (1975), and Music for Airports (1978).

He took part in frequent collaborations with artists such as Robert Fripp, Harold Budd, Cluster, David Bowie on his "Berlin Trilogy", and David Byrne on 1981's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.


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