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First, they'll ask about your birthday, then how your family is doing, and - as the weeks progress - the state of politics in a two-party, republic-style system of government. While the speech recognition is far from perfect, it's constantly impressive to witness just how much "Poddy" (as I came to know the last remaining Seaman) could understand. " he'd respond with "Word." Amusingly, "Play Station" yields "Mmm, that name sounds familiar." The speech recognition isn't without its flaws, however, in that some words aren't recognized as easily as others, forcing you to sit through many repeats of Seaman soliloquy before you get another crack at pronouncing "Rastafarian." After five attempts at getting Poddy to understand "Vermont," this reviewer nearly jumped out the window.Later on, your Seaman will enlighten you to the existence of another habitat across the room, a terrarium, in which you'll raise yummy insects to feed to your Seamen.His goal, according to an article that was later purged from the website, was to answer the odd question, “Can an Average Joe join the bacchanalia?” [Russia anti-gay law casts a shadow over Sochi’s 2014 Olympics] In a sense, Hines found what he set out to find.He thumbed through Rio with a panoply of hook-up apps, including Tinder, Jack’d, Bumble and Grindr.Grindr, an app designed for men to meet other men, was Hines’s “instant hookup success.” He received three date offers in an hour.At least one fan has suggestively nibbled a bronze medal. That Olympic athletes have sex, it is safe to say, is old news.(Nor is there evidence sex is somehow detrimental to athletic performance.) But on Tuesday, Daily Beast reporter Nico Hines attempted to find a new way into this breach.

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Learning how to communicate effectively, how to help your significant other with the separation, and how to help yourself with the distance may make all the difference."That's Sea-man, skin puppet." Combining the rigors of pet care with the novelty of voice recognition, Seaman is sure to be a game that elicits the gamut of controversy, praise, and contempt.The game starts innocently enough: Pop in the microphone, load the disc, and listen to Leonard Nimoy's deadpan introduction.Sphere is a novel written by author Michael Crichton that was published in 1987.The novel was adapted into the film Sphere in 1998.We don't often report on Japanese dating games here at Eurogamer, but when a game features intentionally crude character designs this stupendous we can't help ourselves. But Gakuen Handsome is designed as a parody of the genre and apparently it's quite a good one.


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