Updating classpath container java lang nullpointerexception

We will perform Create, Update, Delete & Query all using application Web interface. This posts makes use of Spring APP_USER : Contains Users. APP_USER_USER_PROFILE : It’s a Join table linking APP_USER & USER_PROFILE in Many-To-Many relationship. package com.websystique.springmvc.model; import javax.persistence. A User can have several profiles[ USER, ADMIN, DBA]. For demonstration purpose, We will discuss Many-to-Many unidirectional [User to User Profile] setup in this example. However, if the user guide mentions those classes as configuration values, they are supported and can be considered stable.After downloading the Activiti Explorer WAR file from the Activiti website, follow these steps to get the demo setup running with default settings.To check the JTA transaction timeout in the Oracle Web Logic Server Administration Console.BPEL processes have an automatic recovery feature that attempts to automatically recover activities that are recoverable such as unresolved invoke/callback messages, activities not completed over a provided threshold time, and so on. Lazy Initialization Exception – could not initialize proxy – no Session. But if you are outside active session (session closed/no transaction :you are in JSP e.g.), and tried to access the collection, you will meet your nemesis : org.hibernate. Table; @Entity @Table(name="USER_PROFILE") public class User Profile package com.websystique.springmvc.dao; import

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To update the transaction timeout setting: You may have long running, synchronous calls to remote web services that end with JTA transaction rolled-back errors.

With a few lines of code and Jersey I have written a RESTful web service that allows us to explore the features of the REST-assured framework and to run tests against this service.

Sometimes you’ve got to handle a RESTful service that returns an invalid content type so that REST-assured does not know which parser to use to process the response.

This appendix includes the following topics: For information about monitoring Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) logs, see Section 24.6, "Monitoring Oracle BAM Logs." For information about monitoring Oracle User Messaging Service (UMS) logs, see Section 27.2, "Viewing Log Files." Exception [TOPLINK-4002] (Oracle Top Link - 11g Release 1 ( (Build 090304)): oracle.toplink.exceptions. SQLException: Internal error: Cannot obtain XAConnection weblogic.common.resourcepool. Advised] to required type [services.workflow.verification. IVerification Service] for property 'verification Service': no matching editors or conversion strategy found Message icon - Warning Errors were encountered while performing this operation.

Resource Dead Exception: Pool SOAData Source has been disabled because of hanging connection tests, cannot allocate resources to applications. Illegal Argument Exception: Cannot convert value of type [$Proxy223 implementing services.workflow.verification. ; it also applies to any EJB that is part of the SOA Infrastructure application.


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