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Fortunately, he not only suggested that but also reminded me about an alternative, and superior, implementation that’s been used in the field for some years.

It would not only simplify the code but would also have a positive impact on performance.

Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. The book documents 310 deaths in the United States proximate to the application of TASER electronic control devices from 1983 through 2006. It is true that Michael died following a struggle in which multiple Taser applications were used, but Michael clearly did not die immediately, he was able to breathe and converse with the officers and Henrickson, and the coroner’s report indicates that he died due to complications associated with cocaine ingestion. All further uses of the Taser by Herring, Escareno and Brown were also objectively reasonable due to the totality of the circumstances, particularly Michael’s resistance of the officers and the inability of multiple officers to physically control Michael. See 8th Circuit decision:(07/22/09) Officer asserts that his use of the ECD was reasonable. (05/19/06) Policy 4.01A Use of Less-Lethal Force, Peoria (AZ) Department Policy and Procedure Manual.

("IPICD") - For information on sudden death, agitated delirium, excited delirium, medical/scientific aspects of Electronic Control Devices (ECDs): - For a large number of TASER® ECD related documents go to the IPICD website (articles page) - IPICD 2nd Annual Restraint Symposium - April 27-29, 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada - 2015; Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths (IPICD) 10th Annual Symposium - November 16-18, 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada. The study examines the phenomenon of sudden death as it relates to electromuscular disruption technology and TASER ECDs by constructing 213 cases studies, dating from 1983 through 2005, and analyzing information available from news accounts, police reports, and autopsies. Because we decide otherwise, Woods Cross City may be liable for Officer Davis's actions. Or., October 1, 2010) - ECD probe deployment causing fall from 6-7 foot high fence on fleeing person was objectively unreasonable, Quoting plaintiff's expert "Anyone trained to operate and carry a TASER [ECD] in the field should, by TASER International standards, clearly understand that the application of the TASER [ECD] to a suspect who is high off the ground would be considered a deadly force application in that the potential result of the particular use of force could cause serious bodily injury or even death." - "Snauer continued fleeing, and began climbing over a six or seven foot high wooden fence. The Court will view the use of a Taser as an intermediate or medium, though not insignificant, quantum of force that causes temporary painand immobilization.” p. Alternatively, the law was not so clearly developed that a reasonable officer in the Defendants’ position would know that their conduct was unlawful. He argues that from his point of view at the time of the incident, he knew Richard Brown's vehicle (plaintiff's husband, plaintiff was the passenger) had failed to stop for officers and Brown had not complied with officer commands. (04/16/07) Electronic Control Devices: Liability and Training Aspects, by Edmund Zigmund, 2007 (5) AELE Mo. Madison (WI Police Department Policy Manual, 6-200 The Use of Non-Deadly Force (PDF page 138/299), ECD (pages 140-142).

Annals of Emergency Medicine (07/14/12) Introduction: TASER ECDs, History, Electricity, Electrical Stimulation, Electrical Measurements, & Human Body (03/17/07) Basic DRAFT Electronic Control Device (ECD) Legal Outline - will be enhanced, corrected, improved. While arguing that the TASER ECDs are safe less-lethal weapons, the author also cautions that they are not completely effective. She later plead guilty to assault-domestic violence and intoxication." - It was clearly established law that officer could not use ECD on a nonviolent misdemeanant who did not pose a threat and was not resisting or evading arrest without first giving a warning, and therefore, officer was not entitled to qualified immunity in woman's § 1983 action alleging use of excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment. As a result, Snauer sustained serious bodily injury, i.e. Further, one court has noted that pain is a necessary byproduct of the Taser, pain is not the primary motivator, the Taser is considered to inflict considerably less pain than other forms of force, and the effects of the Taser are generally temporary. Officer believed Plaintiff was intoxicated because he smelled alcohol and there were two glasses appearing to contain alcohol at Plaintiff’s feet. (11/15/04) Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Use of TASER [Device] Procedural Order.

(09/09/14) Brave - Brief ECD Case Force Factors Presentation (Power Point) (12/19/10) Brave - Numbers Presentation (Power Point) (12/19/10) Brave - Other Presentation (Power Point) (11//01/11) Missy O'Linn's Use of Force Presentation Power Point (17 megabytes) (08/15/11) Missy O'Linn's Power Point from TASER Chief's Program, Irvine, California Use of Force Analysis Charts: (03/19/08) TRS-D 2004: What the Numbers Say (U. He notes that the weapons were not effective in subduing more than 60 percent of violent or aggressive subjects in the 213 case studies, and he documents 131 cases of fatal police shootings and one police fatality following the failure of the weapons. - POLICY [Department's "unwritten" ECD policy] The district court found that the Cavanaughs produced sufficient evidence that Woods Cross City's unwritten [TASER ECD] policy was the moving force behind Officer Davis's actions. multiple spinal fractures." - "It does not take a panel of judges to alert a reasonable police officer that causing a paralyzed man to tumble head first onto the ground from a platform six to seven feet above the ground 'creates a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily injury.'" - "Any reasonable police officer would know from the training received in this case that tasing a suspect who is cresting a six to seven foot high fence would likely result in serious injury." - POLICY - (No policy violation) "The evidence shows that [Officer] Sether was trained that [TASER ECDs] cause neuromuscular disruption, temporarily causing the subject to lose the ability to control his or her movements. Officer believed that Plaintiff threatened officer safety by scooting herself away from the officers, drawing her knees towards her chest, and acting as if she were going to kick them. (03/20/07) Civil Liability for Use of Tasers, stunguns, and other electronic control devices--Part II: Use against juveniles, and inadequate training claims, 2007 (4) AELE Mo. (06/14/04) Arizona Department of Corrections Policy Manual, Chapter 700, Operational Security, Department Order 718: Stun and Stun/Lethal Electrified Fences.

I want to declare multiple cursors based on the values passed through a procedure, and only the WHERE conditions of the cursors will change.

The body of the procedure is the same for all the cursors otherwise.

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That last point is important in some environments, because to create a context, you would need the CREATE ANY CONTEXT privilege, and—for good reason—that might be a privilege you are not accorded.Mantis BT is available in several Linux distributions including: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Frugalware and others.Hence, if you are running Linux, start by checking if your distribution has a package for Mantis BT.Mantis BT, as a PHP script, can run on any operating system that is supported by PHP and has support for one of the DBMSes that are supported.Mantis BT is known to run fine on Windows, Linux, OS/2, Mac OS X, System i and a variety of Unix operating systems.Over time it has matured and gained a lot of popularity, and now it has become one of the most popular open source bug/issue tracking systems.


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