Friends renunited dating

This event was co-sponsored by the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa.

Pratap Singh Rane, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Goa and the former Chief Minister.

So to be here today in Goa, for me, is no different from being at home in Galle.

I must therefore extend my heartfelt appreciation to the International Centre for Excellence in New Delhi and the Goa International Centre for inviting me here to undertake this quest for promoting tourism between “Goa, Gods Own Paradise”, and “Sri Lanka, a Land Like no Other!

Kate Roberts, 47, was swindled out of £80,000 after fraudsters posted a bogus profile on a dating website.

Miss Roberts contacted US army sergeant Mark Ray Smith, a handsome 43-year-old widower with an 11-year-old daughter, after seeing the profile on the dating area of Friends Reunited.

These are stark reminders of the menace of terrorism confronting democracies like India and Sri Lanka.

“I had to sell my house to pay my debts, my credit score is through the roof so I cannot have any credit, mortgage or overdraft.

“Hundreds of other women must be being conned.” Miss Roberts was persuaded to send money to a bank account and via Western Union after “Sgt Smith” said he wanted to buy himself out of the army so they could live together.

This Summit is a creative and practical forum to reflect on the challenges for the future, so that the stakeholders can try and shape that future.

Ladies and Gentlemen, There is little doubt that India's successful experiment with democracy stands out in this respect.


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