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The race tightens as Cam constantly shoots himself in the foot, while the prospect of winning also changes Marty and his family's dynamics.Meanwhile, Cam plays dirty, and Marty cottons on to the Moches' grand plan. After Cam is arrested, a reporter approaches him and asks "You were charged with drunk driving. " A BAC of 1.4 would almost surely be lethal; at the very least, Cam would surely have been hospitalized, not walking around talking with reporters.The exhibition begins with four works on cotton-picking sacks, three in graphite and one in oil.Intriguingly, the three graphite works all depict African American subjects, while the oil, titled , depicts a young Caucasian girl holding a flag and a gun.This perception is further reinforced by the gasoline can suspended above the girl’s head and the automatic pistol in her hand.

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Schaub added salt to the wound by trashing the formerly undefeated UFC women’s champ.

As late as 1913, Texas had only four major reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 288,340 acre-feet. Statistical Abstract of 2010, Texas has 5,607 square miles of inland water, ranking it first in the 48 contiguous states, followed by Florida, with 5,373 sq. There are about 6,976 reservoirs in Texas with a normal storage capacity of 10 acre-feet or larger.

By January 2012, Texas had 188 major reservoirs (those with a normal capacity of 5,000 acre-feet or larger), not counting four that are normally dry and six reservoirs made up of proximate impoundments. Reserviors having more than 5,000 acre-feet capacity are listed below.

Born in Atlanta but based in San Francisco for over two decades, Somerville begins with identity, but his is an identity that is multifaceted, an identity that is constructed far more by interrelationships and expectations than it is by simple attributions of black or white.

“American Rhetoric” is the most recent of an ongoing series of exhibitions that force issues of racism, colonialism, expansionism, and imperialism into uncomfortable juxtapositions with Southern culture, politics, and history.


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