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The story sometimes goes that the SVT – the bass-amplifying sibling of the V Series guitar amps – was designed “for” the Rolling Stones’ 1969 tour. As such, the band served as beta testers for the new designs.More accurately, the Stones acquired several prototype SVT bass amps and cabs (and, later, several VT amps) rather urgently while rehearsing for that tour, after their own amps failed at the hands of U. In addition to bassist Bill Wyman’s initiation of the now-legendary 300-watt SVT, Keith Richards and new Stones guitarist Mick Taylor also played through the massive bass rigs, but the six-stringers soon evolved to V Series guitar amps, which provided some of the best Stones tones of the ’70s.As long as the bass guitar has been a part of the music scene, bassists have been demanding a lot out of their amplifiers.That's because they have to - the low-end tones of the bass need serious amplification to punch through the rest of the band and achieve the perfect impact on the audience. Dating back nearly half a century, Ampeg is one of the original builders of bass amps, pumping out amazing sound that's had the competition playing catch-up throughout the decades. I have decided to sell some amps and some guitars and keep a guitar or two and most of my amps.S8 numbers indicate 1977/1978 in all the Internet listings & resource book charts.

Weighing in at 165 pounds, this beastly cab is built like a tree trunk, but that doesn't mean it has to be immobile like one.

The standard power level for bass amplifiers at the time was 50 watts, but Ampeg's team wouldn't settle for anything less than a monster.

That monster was the 300W SVT, shorthand for Super Vacuum Tube.

The 1972 Ampeg VT-22 is the 2×12″ combo of the V Series, and was the sibling, circuit-wise, of the V-4 head and V-40 4×10″ combo.

All used four 7027A output tubes to generate a conservatively rated 120 watts, which can often top 140 watts downhill with a good tailwind… And though we say this was a rock-intended amp, it was rock as intended it – bold, punchy, clear, and ungodly loud. Perhaps fewer players than back in the day, but, back when it was introduced, it proved to be exactly what plenty of touring pros required, most notably the Rolling Stones.


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