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There are frequent discharges from the genital region and continuous itching persists. Could you please suggest some curative measures and medicines? Genital organs do ejaculate some fluids for lubrication and ease of sexual activity.But pale yellow coloured discharge indicates that you have got infected with STD that is given in std list.Dear doctor, I am a forty year old man and I am having the problem of continuous itching, painful eruptions like blisters on and around the genital region and pale yellow coloured discharge from the sex organ.

Sexually dimorphic traits mainly result from differential expression of genes present in both sexes.The victim told investigators he met Green, then a Blue Springs teacher and coach, in an internet chat room.He said Green would go on to visit him at his home and give him gifts, such as Nike shoes, a webcam, and a cell phone.So, it is better not to have sex with an infected person as a preventive measure.As you are having the infection now, the best curative measure is to have antiviral and antibacterial medicine.A police investigation found a current 16-year-old Blue Springs student who said he had sexual relations with Green in recent months.


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