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LIBRARY UNJVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE CENSUS OF INDIA, 1911 Volume I INDIA Part T.-REPOET AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF BOOKS PUBLISHED BY THE Superintendent of Government Printing, India, Calcutta. Brunard tiu AKi TCH, 11, Grafton Street, New Bond Street, London, W. • Tl'ese proportions hive Wn calciiliitcd on tlio ndjii Ktwl popnlntionlscwherc. Straw for bedding was scarce and many who had enough wherewith to purchase food were yet unable to purchase clothing. Biloch Chamar {Hindu) Chuliia {Musalman) Jat (Musalman) . The marriage tie is very loose and divorce is easily accomplished. 399 Oovernmeut service, railway service, municipal service, villai^e service, service in a shop or office, and domestic service, etc., but also to show the exact occupation followed, e.g., in the case of Government service, whether Collector, or Army Officer, or Civil Court clerk, or Police Inspector, etc. These orders were further subdivid- ed into 77 sub -orders and 4i78 groups. In most parts of India the potter, like the carpenter, oil-presser, blacksmith and cobbler, is fovmd in practically every village. Jifap of Ra/putant shoicing variations in the population aince 1901. — Lana (—10) hanbeen omitted from thia map as the arcs is small. Last year, whatever the thermometer may have shown, the cold was more trving with the cutting wind and rain that accompanied it than it had been for many years past, while owing to the scarcity of food the fields required an extra number of watchers, and indeed, watching fields constituted one of the chief sources of income of the poor. Agarwal (IIi7idu) Ahir (Hindu) Arain {Musalman Arora (Hindu) Awan . The ceremonial religion is in the hands of the women; and if the female members of a family die out, a girl is adopted from another family to perform the religious ceremonies and inherit the ancestral property. In the case of service it is necessary, not merely to distinguisji THE SYSTEM OF CLASSr FICATION. Subordinate to the seven classes were 24; orders as shown in the margin bracketted according to their respective main heads. Seven-eighths of these are the ordinary village potters who make the various earthenware utensils for cooking and storing water which are required by the poorer classes, as well as tiles, rings for wells and the like. Say that Sarah is an ordinary woman inside and out.When would she stop being a woman, a female, and what would it take to make her a male, a man? Sarah is a girl to all outward appearances: she is assigned female, usually knows herself to be a girl, and is raised as a girl.During embryonic development, mouse female germ cells enter meiosis in an anterior-to-posterior wave believed to be driven by retinoic acid.It has been proposed that ovarian follicle formation and activation follow the same general wave of meiotic progression; however, the precise anatomic specification of these processes has not been delineated.

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Consider: DNA: Let’s exchange one of Sarah’s X chromosomes for a Y. Then as she approaches womanhood, it is discovered that she cannot menstruate and is sterile; further investigation reveals her to be a female with XY DNA.

and does not stimulate the production of male internal genitalia, so this XY girl will never have testes, for example.

It will he seen from Subsidiary Table VI that if the district be taken as the unit, the net increase in India as a whole during the last decade is the resultant of a gain of 10"3 per cent, in an area of 1,517,000 scpiare miles with a population of 245 millions and a present density of 162 to the square mile, and a loss of 5"5 per cent, in an area of 218,000 square miles with a population of 68 millions and a density of 312 to the square mile. In Subsidiary Table V the variations in the population Avhich have taken place in the minor administrative units (tahsils, taluks or thauas) are co- ordinated with their density. The action of the famine in equalising the numbers of the two sexes, too, is seen in the comparison of the figures for the two enumerations. Goala (Ahii) Hajjam (Napit) (Hindu) najjara (Muaalman) Jolaha Kahar Kalwar Kandh (Hindu) Kandh (Animist) Kand 1 Kayastlia Kowat Khandayat . Unuiher of females per 1.000 males for eertain selected castes— coh W. Should a man's wife predecease him without daughters, or be divorced, her clan will provide him with a second wife, who takes the property of the first wife and so maintains him in actual posses- sion of it. With the Dallas a snn ta Ues over his fathi-r's widows I'Xiept only his owu mot Df T. Gardeners and growers of special products, such as betel, cocoanut, etc., must be shown as such. About 46,000 persons are employed in brick and tile factories, but there are very few factories for the manufacture of glass and earthenware, and the total number of workers in them is only 3,300.

Apart from this, in ordinary circumstances, a comparatively high rate of increase is to he expected in the Native States, as they are, on the whole, more undeveloped than British territory, and contain a much larger proportion of cultivahle waste land. In the worst period of famine males suffered more than females * * * Tjjg smaller mortality amongst females than amongst males appears to be a general characteristic throughout the four districts most affected ; and if the year of greatest mortality be taken it will be seen that though the number and proportion of the deaths differ so wudely in the four districts, the proportion of the females that died to males is singularly uniform, more so than in any other year of the series. Babhan Brahman Chamar Cliasa Dhanuk Dhobi (Hindu) Dhuniya (uiwia . Rajput (Musalman) Saivid Sbeikb larkban (Musalman) Teli (Musalman) . The nolcrong, who is usually his sister's son, comes to live in his house as the hi;sband of one of his daughters ; and when he dies marries also his widow. Among the Barongii tribe in South Africa H.e nephew inheiil» his uncle's widons {Primitive Paternity, II, 208). Where a person cultivates part of his land and sublets part, he should be shown in column 9 as a cultivator and in column 10 as a landlord, if he gets the greater part of his income from the land which he cultivates himself, and rice versa. The number of those engaged in the making of glass and porcelain ware and in the working of talc, mica, etc., is insignificant.


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