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They listen as veterans describe struggles on the home front.

They help the mentally ill and those who love them find care.

The following is a brief overview of how your children may be interacting with the Internet based on their ages. If your child is more technologically advanced or has special challenges, take that into account when developing Internet usage rules. They're portable pocket-sized computers that function as social networking tools, videos, still cameras, audio recorders and more.

Add games, apps, movies, videos and music to the mix, and it's no surprise mobile access has become an essential part of kids' social lives. Simply opening a malicious website or mobile app download can leave a cell phone vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves, which could put your child's personal information at risk.

Human Services and the Alberta government have developed a new resource on Internet safety for children, teens, parents and caregivers.

The Internet Savvy training provides information on the ways that children and youth are engaged with the Internet, as well as practical information, tips and tools to keep children and youth safe online.

Before she leaves work most nights, Judy Cushing walks through the crisis-line call center her nonprofit, Lines for Life, operates. In 16 nondescript cubicles, social workers and trained volunteers calmly try to talk people out of killing themselves.

Around the clock, they direct addicts yearning to get clean toward services.

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After viewing all 4 modules online, you will receive a downloadable certificate verifying your successful completion of the Internet Savvy Training.

The risks in the online world really do change based on the age of your children.

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