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A decade ago, Azerbaijan’s defence budget stood at 160 million dollars.

The Wiki Leaks released a diplomatic cable from the US Embassy in Azerbaijan to the US State US department dating from September 18, 2009, which analyses different Diaspora organizations of Azeris living abroad.— Azerbaijanis living abroad are poorly organized and cannot truly be described as an identifiable community.The largest group, estimated at about two million, lives in Russia, but these are largely temporary labor migrants rather than permanent migrs. There are, however, a larger number of ethnic Azeris from Iran in America, although anecdotal evidence indicates that they identify more as Iranians than Azerbaijanis.Aliyev ran Azerbaijan for long periods both before and after the end of Soviet rule.A KGB general, he ran Soviet Azerbaijan as local Communist Party chief from 1969 until 1982, when he was moved to Moscow to join the party’s Politburo.Aliyeva was elected to the Parliament in 2005 from the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party.


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