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In a probably-related-statistic, almost 50% of all marriages fail in the US.

Even without interference from outside parties, marriage requires one's utmost attention to sustain it.

May I suggest that the DWM who approach those of us who are Dating While Single (DWS), try something as simple as honesty?

In my research on the topic, having all parties participate in a truthful courtship seems to go a long way. Here are some guidelines from conversations with those for whom it has.1.

The love of your life just might be a married man." Being part of any couple can be challenging and unpredictable, as we all know.

A recent dinner with a past acquaintance has brought me to a place where I now know a conversation on why-I-even-dressed-up-for-a-dinner-with-a-man-I-had-no-idea-was-married-until-we-were-well-into-dessert is very much needed.

I am a 40-something single woman interested in dating single, heterosexual men yet lately I seem to meet more than the usual of those who are Dating While Married (DWM).

Even if the morality of the situation has no impact on you, consider the impact having an affair with a married person will have on your self-image.

Besides wrecking other people's lives, being the "other man/woman" will sap your dignity and self-worth despite whatever cavalier approach you may take.


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