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Nestled in the Northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula at the entrance to Puget Sound is beautiful Port Townsend, our historic Victorian Seaport and Arts Community. You can start the day off with a South Beach Christian Outreach Pancake Breakfast.Come to the Victorian Festival and plan to stay a few days, partaking of the Festival fun and the limitless opportunities for exploration of historic sites and natural wonders all over the Peninsula. and then move right along with the flow of festivities. To be Held at Olympic College in Bremerton, the Washington State Science and Engineering fair is open to all Washington State students in grades 1 through 12 of public, private, and parochial, or certified home schools. There is much in common between Seattle and Ireland, in addition to the fact that Seattle and Galway are Sister Cities.Seattle’s central market has long welcomed locals, tourists, and immigrants alike, and the result is this slightly bastardized version of the kind of bao that you’d find in China, in which sweet dough wraps around a savory curry.Much like the market itself, the bun is inspired by a diverse population -- and tastes great.Whether it’s breaking news, comprehensive sports updates, […]Houston Texans Official Team Activities begin this week and that means that we will start getting an idea about how the 2017 team will work out.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (address and info) It’s one of the simplest foods, which is why getting a grilled cheese sandwich so right is of the utmost importance, and Beecher’s does it by employing its own nutty Flagship and creamy Just Jack cheeses.To find out the date of our next potluck or any other activity, check out the date in the current newsletter.Mature Friends, its officers, directors, and members, hereinafter known as The Club, may assist members to arrange travel, outings, meals, and other activities.Heaven Sent Fried Chicken (address and info) It’s hard to specify a dish to try at Il Corvo, since there are only three or four on the menu each day and they’re constantly changing, but it hardly matters because all the options are the best pasta in the city, and none cost more than .Pho may have taken over as Seattle’s cheap eat du jour, but the city will never forget its teriyaki sauce-stained history.The Club assumes no responsibility for any loss, injury or expense incurred by members participation in these activities, and cannot be held liable for any acts of commission, or omission, on behalf of any vendors that may be involved.


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