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The woman were required to wait until their children were at least six months old, the age at which the World Health Organisation recommends that parents begin adding supplementary food to baby diets, he added.

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“We're just taking the extra that those mothers would be losing at that point if they start weening their children.” Mr Newell said the women who sold milk may have to go back to working long shifts at garment factories or on the streets.

A hormone that is released when someone is under physical or emotional stress has been found in breast milk and appears to affect babies differently depending on their sex, a study of laboratory monkeys has shown.

Cambodia has permanently banned exports of human breast milk, which US-based company Ambrosia Labs bought in the South-East Asian country and sold to new parents and bodybuilders in America.

“Even though we are still poor, we are not so poor that we have to sell human breast milk,” said the government in a statement signed by Secretary of State Ngor Hongly.


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