Speed dating at the strand

Owner Fred Bass, whose father founded Strand Books in 1927, said the Strand's survival can be attributed to its vast size and selection, and "a great, really great staff of people who are very knowledgeable and take good care of the customers." There's a lot about the Strand that gets hidden between the lines.

Here's a deeper look into all the pages that make the Strand what it is today.

The conceit is that, rather than talk about yourself, you talk about a book you have brought along.

It's run of the mill speed-dating made intellectual – more Granta than Hello! The idea has already taken off across America and Canada, with speed-dating events held at such cultish venues as the Rare Book Room in New York's famous Strand bookstore (which holds an immensely popular literary speed-date every Valentine's Day).

Fred's daughter, Nancy, began working at the Strand when she was 25 and now runs the entire store.

Credit: Newsday / Alan Raia In the 1980s, the Strand opened a branch on Front Street similar to its Union Square shop that sold mostly used books.

I spent the whole of the week before in the throes of a delightful dilemma – not over what to wear, but over which book to take.

"By what book ye bring, ye shall be judged" could be the motto of literary speed-dating.

But can you really fall in love without saying a word?

You are free to roam the bar wherever you want during and between your 3 minute mini-dates. After three minutes, you can hold the button again for your next 3-minute date.... You will receive another confirmation email for any event that you book. All you need at the event is a phone with internet access! so if you want to go speed dating you can open m.uk at the bar! It is fine to approach guests the old fashioned way..is a singles party after all.

You then use each other's photo to find one another in the bar! After registering you will receive a confirmation email. Once you are signed-in, go to 'event bookings' and click 'Book Now'. It is not an App that you download from the App Store or similar. It's an optional e-Icebreaker to get more people talking.

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