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Just as many industrial cities have suffered distress from the loss of much of their former industry, Boonton has not recaptured the prosperity that was spawned in the early part of the 20th century with industries such as the world's first molding of organic plastics in 1907 with the introduction of Bakelite.With the loss of much of its industry and related jobs, Boonton now has a significant population at or below the poverty line. Boonton's once thriving iron works was replaced in the early 1900's by the molded plastics industry which brought new jobs and affluence to Boonton, where products were manufactured from the molded plastic known as Bakelite.Our small town of Boonton, with a population of about 8,500 and a rich history dating from the mid 1700's, is located in historic Morris County, less than 30 miles west of New York City.Among the rolling hills and nearby lakes of northern New Jersey, we are surrounded by communities ranked among New Jersey's wealthiest. Whether you are in need of cemetery space, a genealogist doing research, or simply love to sit in the quiet of a cemetery and enjoy the solitude, this list will prove to be invaluable. Cedar Hill Cemetery With records dating back to 1904, Cedar Hill Cemetery is located west of the National Capitol on the MD/DC line.

Restaurant veterans Paul Di Bona of Pepperoncini in Conshohocken and Sam Arbitman and Rich Fattori of Moonshine in South Philly are taking over Delco's former Briarcliffe Bar & Grill with Cedar Craft & Kitchen (1061 Cedarwood Rd., Glenolden).

We young enthusiasts sometimes had the great good luck of catching Mr. For a quarter, our parents could get rid of us for about a half-day at the movies, with a cartoon, sometimes two, a main feature and a serial calculated to keep us in suspense and to return next Saturday to see how Flash Gordon made out against the evil forces of Space.

In between the feature and serial, we often had a “select- ed short subject.” Sometimes they were dull, and l suspect that an educator in the community was bribing or threatening the theater manager to slip these in.

The gang was already into some form of archery, but it was Hill who drew us away from the horrible mismated archery tackle to balanced tools. But back in these carefree days of the twenty-five-cent movie in the l950s when this writer was a ripe IO years old we began to tune in on the Hill archery song the handsome bows with matched equipment to go with them, longbows.

My first bow, in fact, was an oleander limb whacked off of my grandfather’s hedge, a stretch of packing twine for a string and milkweed reeds for arrows. They were often lemonweed, and not all that bad, but too thin of core and too flat of limb. By way of definition, these bows were indeed long, certainly sixty inches and more often sixty-six inches and more, and they were thick of core and narrow of limb with graceful tips to nock the string.


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