Mason dating daughter of another mason

In this strenuous two-thousand-mile cross-country trek, Mason was responsible for herding the cattle.

She also prepared meals, acted as a midwife and took care of her children.

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My mother and all three of my aunts were members of the Order of the Eastern Star, which is basically an affiliated adult women’s organization for wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, etc., although not exclusively so. I still didn’t know what went on inside a lodge room, but dad had always said that being a Mason made him a better man.

In high school, I became actively involved in De Molay, and my wife is a former member of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. He wasn’t a "church-going" man, as the expression goes - ours was not a churched family - but he was indeed a good, honest, decent man, well-respected by even many of those who had been on the opposite side of the fence from him when he was in law enforcement.

I was presented that night with a Masonic pin that had belonged to my father, and with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart, I was finally able to say, "You rest well now, old friend.Being a respected law enforcement officer, serving in both appointed and elected capacities throughout his career; as well as being a businessman, my father was a pillar of the community.And, he, at least one uncle and an assortment of cousins, were all Blue Lodge Masons. And before my best friend died, one of his final wishes, that he made known to my mother, was that his two sons become Masons.I was stunned when one of our long-term church members told me that four of our founding church deacons were Masons. It bothers me that Masonry perpetuates the worship of the G. It bothers me that while Christians view the Bible as the Word of God and ultimate source of authority and Truth (2 Timothy , 1 Thessalonians ), Masons view the Bible as just one of many sacred books in which truth can be found -- like the Koran or the Bhagavad-guitá.It bothers me that Jesus is just one of many equally revered prophets.He thought that Masons accepted all gods of all religions and that Masons swore an oath to a “Supreme Being” instead of recognizing Jesus Christ as the sole Lord and Savior of mankind. ” A small firestorm erupted among those who were Masons. Masons recognize a “Supreme Being” which includes the gods of all religions from Taoism to Hinduism to Islam and to everything in between.


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