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He created the artwork below on the topic of Slavery, in the days that Slavery was still a thriving institution in our land.

Thomas Nast's dramatic illustrations helped our Nation understand the moral outrage of slavery.

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Thomas Nast was a staunch Abraham Lincoln supporter, defender of the Union Cause in the Civil War, and strong opponent to Slavery.

Nast used his art to show the Nation a picture of how things could be.

Sungguh nyaman dia tersenyum kuminum jadi bagi anda foto bugil artis indo yang sudah jongkok.Juli (played by Morgan Lily and Madeline Carroll) is instantly smitten by Bryce (Ryan Ketzner and Callan Mc Auliffe) the second she sees him drive up to his new house.Bryce, being a typical second grade boy, finds her attention embarrassing and unwanted.The images capture the important events related to Slavery in the 1860's.The collection below contains all Slavery Artwork created by Thomas Nast during the Civil War years. This artwork was critical in helping to lead our Nation out of the Corrupt and Bankrupt Institution of Slavery, and onto a path of freedom and equality for all men. The following day, April 4, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln went to the fallen city.I also left out images which were noteably inaccurate or which contained inappropriate drawings. published by International Publishing Company, 1894 by Charlotte M.


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