Naya rivera dating matthew hodgson

” picture on Facebook July 10, 2009 – Heather posts picture of her and Naya on set on Facebook. We always are in a two-shot together and Brad Falchuk had commented in People magazine that like, “they’re so much better together” and so like I just feel so blessed like her and I are always together and we always have such comedic relief.”April 26, 2010 – Michael Yo interviews Naya on the Daily 10We’re just friends.”April 27, 2010 -Heather interviewed for Advocate Magazine Advocate: Do you have a boyfriend? ” video uploaded to Youtube Heather: “This is Naya, my best friend! Magazine He Ya interview/photoshoot Naya: “We hang out all of the time.”July 25, 2010 – Glee at San Diego Comic-con Naya:“Yeah, literally, and the cameras roll and we just hang out.”Heather: “Even in the scenes likes its just literally her and I together like making each other laugh so its either on camera or off camera like I don’t know I’m glad that we like have such a fan base cause we’re best friends in real life.”Naya: “We make out all the time”Heather: We’re best friends so it wouldn’t be weird or anything.”August 29, 2010 – Heather and Naya photographed at the 2010 Emmy Awards September 7, 2010 – Glee Season 2 Premiere Party Heather: “Of course me and Naya – Santana… we are crazy together”December 9, 2010 – Naya tweets “There’s been a Brittana fan uproar…

so I did some “scientific” research and created what I have so creatively dubbed the “Heya timeline” – a timeline of events I find to be significant in the history of Heya.The second part of the season featured the 100th episode of the series, the 12th episode of the season, which aired on March 18, 2014.It was shorter than previous seasons, with twenty episodes instead of twenty-two.The series features the New Directions glee club at the fictional William Mc Kinley High School (WMHS) in the town of Lima, Ohio, and graduates of Mc Kinley who have moved to New York City, some to attend the fictional New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYADA).Unlike previous seasons, the fifth continues the school year begun in season four.January 3, 2011 – Taylor posts a picture of him and Heather on Facebook.


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